Luke 2:49  (The Message)   “Why were you looking for me? Didn’t you know that I had to be here, dealing with the things of my Father?”

Even at a young age, Jesus clearly knew that His ultimate purpose was that of His heavenly Father. Knowing His eventual heavenly purpose didn’t cause Him to live irresponsibly here on earth; He lived obediently to His earthly parents (see Luke 2:50). Yes, He had to wait until He was of a mature age before He faithfully launched into His ministry, but He knew. His obedience, His responsibility, His waiting process, His maturing process – all these were preparations leading to that specific purpose of dealing with the things of His (heavenly) Father.

Faithfully serving our heavenly purpose gives the highest meaning to our earthly tasks. The earlier we come to grips with our purpose, the more focused our steps are, the less we waste our efforts, the wiser we use our time.  To be mindful of our heavenly responsibility is to live responsibly here on earth. Whatever our earthly age is, whatever our earthly vocation is, whatever our societal status may be, whatever category we belong to, let them all be like sharp arrows drawn and pointed to one concentrated target: serving our heavenly Father.

Dear God, please help us to draw our earthly “arrows” well and to keep our sights properly focused on the heavenly “target.”  Help us to serve You well.