Foolishness and Weakness of God?

1 Corinthians 1:25   (NLT)   This foolish plan of God is wiser than the wisest of human plans, and God’s weakness is stronger than the greatest of human strength.

Our loving Almighty Father and God is indescribably, and inscrutably much bigger, more powerful, and more glorious than we imagine Him to be. His wisdom is way much higher than our wisdom—it transcends the highest heavens; His plans are way much 1 Corinthians 1.25 - Foolishness and Weakness of Godbetter than our plans—they’re the best. The strongest of us or all our strengths put together is weaker than God’s weakness. Truth is: God does not have any weakness.

Praise God, through our Lord Jesus Christ, He has given us access to both His wisdom and power. Our Lord Jesus is the wisdom and the power of God. He lives in us through the power of the Holy Spirit. He Who can do exceedingly, abundantly, above all we could ever think, imagine, or ask lives in us. In the world’s eyes, we may be nobodies. We are not of noble birth; we are not rich; we are not powerful; we are not great; we are not wise; in fact, they think we are foolish; they think we are weak. To them, we are nothing. There are truths to that, but no more. By ourselves, left to ourselves, we are weak. But the power of God lives in us. By ourselves, left to ourselves, we may be foolish. But the wisdom of God is now in us.

That’s why our trust is in God; our boast is in Him. We seek His face, His heart, His will, and we live accordingly. We live in His light.

The world may never see us in a good light. They may never accept us. They may never see is for who God made us to be. We’re not moved; we are not scared; were not intimidated; we are not shackled. We continue to live out God’s purposes and calling; we live under His instructions, fighting under His banner, marching to the beat of His commands, proclaiming the Good News of salvation, freedom, power and wisdom…

Power to “Perfection”

2 Samuel 22:33  (KJV)   33 God is my strength and power: and he maketh my way perfect.

God is the unseen power behind our godly changes.

Many of us can change. But God is the real power behind any genuine and lasting positive or godly changes in us. Some may contend that people can change through their will power. Sure; we may have noticed unbelievers who have experienced awesome changes. Some changes may have had lasted. Conclusion: changes can be possible without God. Yes. That’s what the devil wants us to believe. That’s why he leaves others with the appearance of seeming success. That’s until the devil decides to test us above our power to will.

The devil knows our weaknesses. He can wisely predict how much temptations we can handle before we cave in. Our power against his, we’re no match. That’s why we need God to experience victory over him. The devil’s power against God’s power, God is the no-sweat winner – all the time. It doesn’t matter if the devil knows how much we can take – what our limit is, our dependence is on God; His power has no limits – big problem for the devil.

But believers still fail. The devil still succeeds. True. But the problem is not that our God is not powerful; it isn’t that He is not making our way perfect. He is. He is continually working in us to will and do His will, to be transformed into the image of his Son. If the devil succeeds, it’s not that he suddenly became more powerful than God; it’s because we choose not to yield to God and not to avail of His power. That’s unwise. He’s strong. He’s willing. He’s working in us to make us the best we can be. Let’s just be submissive, willing, pliable clays in the masterful hands of our Divine Potter.

Our all-powerful God, we appreciate You so much for patiently, continually, and powerfully working in us to become Christ-like, – in Jesus’ Name, amen.