Righteousness Matters

Galatians 2:21  (KJV)   21 I do not frustrate the grace of God: for if righteousness come by the law, then Christ is dead in vain.

Grace can be wasted. To continue to pursue law-righteousness is to frustrate grace-righteousness. The death of Jesus Christ is a very direct statement that no one can be made righteous through the works of the law. If there is even one person who can qualify for eternal life because of self-righteousness, the gruesome and painful sacrifice of the Lord Jesus will be the unwisest choice and biggest mistake ever made – in heaven or on earth.

It’s no good to abuse God’s grace; it’s equally no good to waste it. If any person has any chance or assurance for salvation, it’s never going to be through the path of the law; it’s always going to be through the Lord Jesus Christ. Let me be quick to state that I’m not undermining the importance and call for pursuit of daily righteous living. Yes, we ought to be righteous in our thoughts, in our actions, and in our choices. But the righteousness that will save us is the righteousness that’s not our own. It’s the righteousness of our Lord Jesus Christ that He shares with us – His righteousness that becomes our righteousness. His righteousness is the only righteousness that qualifies for the perfect eternity in the presence of the perfect holy God. That written, we ought to now live out practically who we are positionally.

Dear righteous Father, thank You for the riches of Your loving generosity. Thank You for sharing us Your righteousness to the full measure. We would have been hopeless without it. Because of it, we will be with You for eternity. For this, we are indeed eternally grateful, in Jesus Name, amen.