Exodus 8:23   (KJV)   23 And I will put a division between my people and thy people: to morrow shall this sign be.

There are similarities and differences in the experiences of God’s people and the world. God determines which is which. The world isn’t disqualified from all of God’s blessings exodus-8-23-distinctionsand goodness; God’s people aren’t exempt from tragedies. God makes the sun shine on both; He makes it rain on both. But there is a time when in God’s wisdom, He decides to create a distinction between those who are His own, and those who fight against Him.

Those are so many things believers do that unbelievers do; there are even miracles they can imitate; demonic forces are supernatural beings capable of extra-ordinary feats. But they can only go so far; they have limitations; our God alone is omnipotent. But yes, there’s suffering in the world, and Christians aren’t exempt from suffering. In fact, there are additional sufferings unique to believers; we do get persecuted for our faith.

God has sovereign plans for His people that will be accomplished no matter what. God has sovereign plans for the wicked that will be accomplished no matter what. The godly and the wicked may share the same blessings and experiences here and there, but there’s surely a demarcation line in this. God has a different destiny for the godly, and a different destiny for the ungodly. We’re excitedly waiting for our ultimate “tomorrow” when the difference will be total and final.

God Heals

Mark 1:40   (KJV)   40 And there came a leper to him, beseeching him, and kneeling down to him, and saying unto him, If thou wilt, thou canst make me clean.

Our God heals us of all our sicknesses, and that’s really good news to many people. People get stricken by different kinds of diseases—identified and unidentified. There are so many people suffering from them. Time and time again, we get introduced to new deadly kinds. mark-1-40-god-healsBut our hearts are rested; we don’t worry; we have no fear. We have our Great Physician; there’s no sickness hidden before Him, and there’s no sickness He can’t heal.

He Who created all things from nothing; He Who formed our bodies in our mothers’ wombs with such precision, beauty, and wonder knows how to fix, restore, renew, or even recreate it. The way people react to sicknesses is very interesting. There are those who seem not to care—they don’t pay attention to the fact and possibility of their vulnerability to sickness. There are those who seem to be very scared as well.

We pray that people would neither live carelessly nor scared. God can and will heal; He also wants us to live responsibly. We’re not lost as to this revealed Truth. We pray with faith because faith in God works wonders because God does wonders. We pray believing that we’ve received our healing because faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. We pray believing that we already have what we’re praying for because our precious Lord Jesus Himself told us to. We consider the things that aren’t yet visible or manifested in the physical as already done.

Our dear Lord is pleased with faith and some of His best commendations have to do with it. We know God can heal; the question often is, “Will He?”. Based on the life of our Lord, He was always willing; He never turned away anyone who came to Him for it. Since Jesus is our doctrine—the basis of our belief, I conclude, He wills to heal.  How quickly the manifestation comes is God’s sovereign territory; it may manifest here now on earth, or in eternity; that’s His divine call. Our call: we live by faith and not by sight, and our faith says God can heal; He will heal—here, now.