No Fear of Bad News

Psalm 112:7   (KJV)   7 He shall not be afraid of evil tidings: his heart is fixed, trusting in the Lord.

Bad news doesn’t scare believers. Our hearts and sights are set not on all the evil things going on around us; they’re steadily fixed on the Lord. Situations may be scary in the Psalm 112.7 - No Fear of Bad Newsnatural, but we always trust in our absolutely trustworthy God and Father. He’s always much bigger than our biggest problems and worst situations.

We don’t deny the existence of evil tidings. Bad things abound. They surround us. We live in an ever-darkening world that can’t stand what we stand for. There are enemies who don’t take it sitting down. They want to continue doing evil, and they won’t rest until they utterly get rid of the godly.

We live in peace. Goliaths of life are big, but God is bigger. We don’t deny evil, we face them head-on. We don’t take them lightly; evil and sin are serious matters. We don’t play around with them; to do so is to court disaster. No. We deal with them decisively and uncompromisingly. We don’t give in to them; we don’t surrender to them. We may be in the minority, but fewer doesn’t always mean weaker. We’re for God, thus, He’s for us; and “…If God be for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31).

True Divergents

Psalm 112.7 - True DivergentsPsalm 112:7   (KJV)   He shall not be afraid of evil tidings: his heart is fixed, trusting in the Lord.

The Gospel—the Good News of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ is the best news there is. It shines exceedingly brightly in the midst of extreme darkness. Bad news isn’t just a reality; it inundates history and current events; we’re surrounded by it. In the natural, many of them can be really scary. But we as God’s children are undaunted by them. God trumps any and every evil experience that threatens us. If we can trust God for our eternal destiny, how much more easily can we trust Him for our earthly welfare? We know Him—not all of Him, but enough of our loving Father to assure us of His love, presence, and might.

Whatever the threat, whatever the menace, whatever the danger, our hearts remain fixed in trusting God. We have His marching orders. We know how to conduct ourselves, often, very differently from the world’s ways. But we delightfully march to the commands of our heavenly Commander and Father—a General Who’s never wrong, our real Commander-in-Chief Who knows His enemies fully well and is never afraid to identify them and expose them, Whose strategies and tactics are always perfect, and Who’s always victorious in battle.  Then we “charge” forward—in love. We face our real enemies—not the flesh and blood in front of us, but the evil forces and principalities behind them.

We leave behind footprints of faith-filled, fearless followers. Our legacy of inner peace and trust in God lasts. Our children and our children’s children know and will know how to face the evil tidings of their generation. They too will trust God. They too will enjoy the blessings of living a life of faith, of living as light to their generation, as bearers of Good News. Our enemies are furious, and they will increase the intensity of their attacks. But we just continue to live out who we are in Him—we live: dauntless, in amity, erudite, in abnegation, and in candor.