The Fire that Always Burns

Leviticus 6:13   (NLT)   Remember, the fire must be kept burning on the altar at all times. It must never go out.

Our God is always inviting, waiting, ready and willing for us to come into his presence. His fire—the fire of His mercy and grace, the fire of His cleansing blood, the fire of His Holy Spirit—is always ready, always lit to burn away all our sins, any hour, any minute of the day.

Leviticus 6.13 - The Fire that Always BurnsThrough our Lord Jesus, God’s throne is open and accessible 24/7. What a wondrous truth. We desperately need that. We have sinned at various times of our day. Temptations come at us every opportunity it gets. Praise God for many times of victory. But we have times of failure. Praise God that when we fail—when we sin—we don’t have to wait for a year, for a month, a week, a day, not even for an hour for us to ask for forgiveness—for us to be cleansed. We don’t have to bear the load of guilt sin and shame—not for a single moment. At the instance we fall, we can immediately and sincerely confess our sins to him; and as he promised, He is just and faithful enough to forgive us of all our sins and to cleanse us of all our unrighteousness.

Thank You Lord that you have already provided us the ways and means—all that are necessary for us to come to You any time of any day. Through the death of our precious Lord Jesus, through His sacrifice—His shed blood on the cross—we no longer have to wait to be forgiven. We no longer have to come up with our own animal sacrifices; we don’t have to delay until we could find the proper time; we no longer have to suffer—weighed down—for a prolonged period of time, as we struggle to complete the grueling task of gathering all the necessary requirements and performing necessary sacrifices—to the strictest detail. Our cleansing, restoration, and refreshing are available to us any moment of our day. Because of you, we get to always live light and free. Thank You Lord—in Jesus’ Name, amen.

The Blood of the New Covenant

Matthew 26:28   (KJV)   28 For this is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.

Matthew 26.28 - The Blood of the New CovenantDo we understand this? I pray I would understand the depths of these words. Death—it took the death of our precious Lord and Savior—it took spilling of His blood—for our sins to be forgiven.

It’s very possible to read these words and not even really understand the implications of what our Savior just said. We are enjoying this New Covenant—a covenant much better, more superior, and more glorious than the old. This came free to us; it didn’t come easy for our Savior. Three times, He prayed to the Father if it was possible for Him not to drink the cup of the cross. His sweat was like drops of blood. He was in deep anguish. An angel needed to minister to Him.

There was no other way. Our Lord needed to spill His blood, die on the cross. That was the ransom payment required. There was no easier compromise. He didn’t back down. He laid down His life. A New Covenant was ratified with His blood. We didn’t only find hope; we now live in hope. That’s what our Lord did for us. All honor, glory, and thanksgiving to Him.


Blotted In

Exodus 32:33  (KJV)   33 And the Lord said unto Moses, Whosoever hath sinned against me, him will I blot out of my book.

While Moses was up at the top of the mountain receiving further instructions from God, the Israelites, under the false assumption that Moses may have been dead, committed high treason against heaven. They committed idolatry. They formed and fashioned a calf idol and collectively worshiped it with great celebration. They were happily rebelling. After Moses confronted them and rebuked them, Moses communed with God again and volunteered for his name to be scratched our of God’s book. This is most probably the Book of Life. God’s answer was clear. Sin is a personal responsibility which requires personal accountability. The soul that sins is the soul that dies. The person who blots out God out from their “book” is the person who gets blotted out of God’s book.

Imagine if that book had no name on it? Now, why would anyone do that? That’s awful! Well, it may not be that far from reality. It would have been possible for that book to be empty. Yes, awful! Of the billions of people who lived on earth, of all the generations, not one name on it? Here’s my take on this. All have sinned. All names are “out.”  This is how indebted humanity is to our dear Jesus. If not for His blood, there wouldn’t be any name in that book. But believers are confident and assured that their names are written in the Lamb’s book of life. Not because they didn’t sin. Even believers are “blot-out worthy.” All those names are written in the book of life exactly because they realize that they’re not supposed to be there. They’re there because of the “divine ink” that was shed on the cross.

Hallelujah!!! Thank You Father! We are eternally grateful to our Lord Jesus! If not for Him, the book would have been totally empty. Because of Him, and only Him, we’re on the “roll.”  Yes, in our joy we may shout, “We made it!” The truth is: He did it – for us. All glory and honor to Him.