Lame Laughter

Luke 8:53-54  (KJV)   53 And they laughed him to scorn, knowing that she was dead. 54 And he put them all out, and took her by the hand, and called, saying, Maid, arise.

Jesus was about to perform a spectacular miracle: raise a child back from the dead. People who didn’t have an intimate understanding of His being, His words and His works scornfully laughed at Him. What could have been a painfully disturbing gesture to many people didn’t stop Him from doing what He intended to do. Despite the mockery of their laughter, Jesus faithfully answered a father’s desire. The Scripture was not concerned about recording the interesting reaction of the insulting taunters after the jaw-dropping miracle; what’s important is that their disdainful expressions didn’t deny our Lord from bringing into the family a faith-building experience.

Laughter – something so good can become so bad. We can use it harmfully; it can hurt us terribly. Not everyone will understand who we are and what we do. This becomes even more true in the sphere of our eternal Kingdom living. The natural mind can’t fathom the supernatural realities. Many of what they see as okay, we see as unacceptable; what they may deem impossible, we see as possible; what they see as the end, we see as transition or opportunity for a miracle. We will be laughed at; that’s out of the question. The issue is how much their ridicule will affect us. Will their laughter successfully stop us from believing the truth? Will it stop us from steadfastly living for the Lord? Will we allow it to change our course of actions and derail us from our God-given destiny? God forbid. They will laugh at us scornfully; they will do what they want to do; we can’t stop them. Let’s laugh joyfully; let’s do what we ought to do; they can’t stop us.

Dear God, our God of joy, may we find our greatest joy in You and You alone. May no unbelieving insults – may they be jeers or cheers – deter us from continually performing our tasks and yielding Your intended results.