Worship the Creator

Acts 7:50   (NLT)   Didn’t my hands make both heaven and earth?’

The fact that the one true living God was the One Who created both the heavens and the earth is enough reason for us to not worship any other god or being but Him.

Acts 7.50 - Worship the CreatorOf course, others question the validity of this truth. They don’t believe God created creation. They somehow have a hard time accepting this. But there shouldn’t be any problem believing God can create. The fact that the universe is so big is not a proof that no person or being could be responsible for its beginning; it is proof that God who created this magnificent, immeasurable universe is way more powerful and bigger than we imagine.

There is no reason for us to worship anything or anyone else other than the One really worthy of worship. That’s no other than the one true living God. Any other entities pulling us to give them a greater place or a higher priority in our hearts and lives than God himself ought to be resisted with all wisdom and might. They’re trying to deceive us and cause us to place our attention on something so little—to settle with something infinitely smaller. God longingly wants us to set our minds and hearts on Him, to have our lives dedicated to the best of the best: the best cause, the best reason for existence, the best Being Who exists. He wants us to live the best way we can: from the best source, through the best means/sustainer, for the best purpose. Oh, that gives us so much worth and significance.

We thank you Father for being real. We thank you for leaving us with more than sufficient convincing proofs of your existence and greatness. You’re an indescribably powerful and wise God. And you choose to care for us so much, to love us with a consistent, continuous, persevering, and endless love that we won’t find from anyone else. We thank you for giving us a very gracious invitation and welcome to You and into your very presence—the presence of our great and Almighty, All-wise Creator.

One True God

Isaiah 40:25 
  (KJV)   To whom then will ye liken me, or shall I be equal? saith the Holy One.

Isaiah 40.25 - One True GodNo one compares with God; no one is His equal. Whatever angle we look at, whatever category, whatever area, He is infinitely set apart. He’s the only true living God. Aside from Him, there is no other. He is Holy; He is High and lifted up; He’s also close to us, and He cares tremendously for us.

God is absolutely awesome. He never fades, never weakens, and never dies. He’s our creator and sustainer. What power! He keeps the universe in order; He manages this world; He takes great care of you and me. His Son came as a really great additional proof of all these. He is the exact representation of Who He is. Through His sinless life, sacrificial death, and victorious resurrection, we see God’s holiness, power, wisdom, and love very clearly.

We look at the sun, the moon, the stars; we see majesty. We look at the ocean, the mountains, the flowers; we see beauty. We look at the mother, the father, the baby; we see love. God is the ultimate expression of all these. His majesty far transcends the universe; His beauty far transcends all the flowers of the field; His love far transcends all our human love. The one true God is Holy; there is no evil or sin in Him. We understand why we have innate sense of good and evil. This is true to all of us. God is all-powerful; He is the Creator. We’re not at lost as to how everything existed out of nothing. God is all-wise; He is responsible for the order we see all around; we’re not worried about the planets colliding on each other. God is all-loving. He gave us His beloved Son; now we are saved; now, anyone can be saved.

Under Control

Psalm 76.10 - Under Control - Tower of Babel

Psalms‬ ‭76:10‬ ‭  (KJV‬‬)   Surely the wrath of man shall praise thee: the remainder of wrath shalt thou restrain.

What does someone really gain in defying God? Nothing–there’s nothing to gain but everything to lose. It may give some sense of pride and control; pride because he’s not bowing before anyone, control because he’s doing what he wants to do, but both positions are flawed and false. God is God, whether one recognizes it or not. He is infinitely greater than anyone and He is the One really in control of everything. Even one’s rebellion, no matter how bold and blatant, is working against the rebel and ultimately for God’s glory. Nothing planned against God will prosper.

No one who fights against Him will win. History speaks: voices have been raised in opposition to God, some louder than others, some heeded more than others. They may have been known during their times; their opinions may have been widely popular; their reach may have been global, but their names and impact are barely felt or recognized now. They’ve come and they’ve gone; they’ve risen and they’ve fallen; God is still God; He still lives; He’s still reigning, unthreatened.

Any seeming success anyone has in campaigning against God can only be considered success when assessed within the realm of the earthly. God can be the most unpopular or even the most hated entity in the world, but His rule extends way far bigger than this world. He’s never shaken by that. Its easy for Him to work with a remnant–a small group of faithful, devoted, committed followers–people who aren’t influenced by the ungodliness that pervades their environment. We are the remnant. There are “God-defyers;” there is us. God is in total control of both.