You’re Welcome

Acts 21:4   (KJV)   4 And finding disciples, we tarried there seven days: who said to Paul through the Spirit, that he should not go up to Jerusalem.

Acts 21.4 - You're WelcomePaul and His companions were welcomed by the disciples. They get to stay with them for a week with no problem.

Many of us still value hospitality—and rightly so. Others though pick and choose who they welcome and allow to share their homes—and rightly so. This isn’t to advocate any kind of unreasonable discrimination, but there is a godly discrimination. What I want to focus on though is our attitude toward each other as believers. Before, being a believer is the only qualifier for the disciples to welcome each other. They were blessed and happy to meet and welcome fellow Christians.

Nowadays, others have seemingly a lot more non-negotiable “qualifiers” to go through before they would willingly welcome a believer. They have to seamlessly share the same doctrinal positions to the minutest detail. Forbid the thought that they would stay with a group of people who prophesied. That’s a huge issue nowadays, but there was no discussion of any contention or concern about it during the time of Paul. They knew they had one Lord, one faith, one great commission to accomplish.

Dear God, I humbly pray that we would return to that kind of attitude towards our brothers in sisters in You—that we welcome each other simply because of that—we’re one spiritual family. Help us to not foolishly render your body—your church—bruised, broken, and bloodied because of our own careless and even cruel attacks on each other, forgetting that an assault on a fellow believer of a different denominational persuasion or preference is an assault on You. Help us to fully love the whole of You—from the Head to every part of Your body, not just our own little space.


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