Unimaginable Value of Righteousness


Genesis 6:9   (KJV)   9 These are the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God.

I’m not sure if many people understand and appreciate the importance of righteousness. Because of the righteousness of one man, we exist. In a world where everyone, I mean, everyone was evil to the core, He was steadfast; He walked in close fellowship with God. Without him, human history would have ended; everyone would have been destroyed by the literal flood of God’s judgment. Of course we can’t discount the fact that God may have resorted to other recourse to preserve His beloved human race. Nevertheless, He didn’t need to, and we’re still here; Praise God for giving humanity another beginning; thanks to Noah for being a worthy instrument.

We don’t undermine the immense value of righteousness. This is true even to us—blessed recipients of God’s continuing outpouring of amazing grace. We may not fully understand it; we may not even be aware of all its wonderful implications, but there may have been many judgments and tragedies averted because God sees people who love Him and who prefer to walk according to His precious Word.

God is so righteous that He judges sin even if that would mean the destruction of those He tremendously loves. God is so loving that He finds ways and means to save and spare His people from the cruelty of sin and its devastating consequences.

We thank You Lord for empowering us against the pernicious influences of the ungodliness that are pressing on us from all directions, for giving us the eyes to see the wisdom in walking with You instead of walking in the foolish counsels and scornful ways of the wicked.


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