Giving Yet Increasing

Isaiah 58:11   (KJV)   11 And the Lord shall guide thee continually, and satisfy thy soul in drought, and make fat thy bones: and thou shalt be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not.

God lovingly desires that we all spend eternity in His glorious presence. He wants us to have a wonderful eternal existence. He also wants us to be the best we can be; that’s why He has predestined us according to His foreknowledge to be conformed to the image of our isaiah-58-11-giving-yet-increasingLord Jesus. He also wants us to navigate through our journey correctly and safely. Praise God, He makes sure He’s with us, directing our every step and turn.

Our journey is one of love. We are tremendously loved, we love much as well. This isn’t a loss or something to feel sad about; it’s the most amazing life there is. There’s no life better than a life lived in love. We give a lot, we sacrifice a lot, but we’re never depleted. How can we? We have the infinite Source of all our provisions living in us. This is our very comforting assurance since the need around us is non-stop.

There are those who are in desperate need of help. Our eyes roam; our brains process; God’s voice whispers: all around us are the poor, the oppressed, and the rejected. To them, Christmas isn’t a season of joy; it’s a billboard showing them how badly life has dealt with them. As others are confused as to whether they’ll buy an elliptical machine or a leather jacket for a gift, the rest of them can’t even go to 99 Cents store.

We’re here for them; we willingly extend our hands and let go of our resources to uplift them. We don’t fear exhaustion and lack. At times, we feel like spinning tops—we go south, north, west, east—we get tired, our resources dwindle, but somehow, our strengths get renewed. We continue to run, and we’re not weary, we walk, and we don’t faint. We continue to give, and we continue to increase. We’re truly like well-watered gardens and continually flowing streams. There’s no natural explanation to this, but we live beyond the natural.

Our destiny is wonderfully glorious, so is our journey.


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