The Son and the Children

Galatians 4:5   (KJV)   To redeem them that were under the law, that we might receive the adoption of sons.

God absolutely delights in having us as His children. Us being children of God is an awesome reality. We weren’t always so; before, we were slaves—slaves to the law and sin. But in His perfect timing, He sent our Lord and Savior Jesus, who Himself willingly came. galatians-4-5-the-son-and-the-childrenThe Son of God came to where the children of man are so that the children of man can become children of God. Imagine having God as our Father, and having the right to call Him Dad. We can stop imagining. This is reality.

I’m so thankful to our wise and loving Father Who made this all happen. What a demonstration of unconditional and amazing love. Jesus literally became a payment for us. That’s the Son of God—a payment—just so that we may be fully bought back from our sad slavery. Others have a hard time believing this fascinating concept. Oh how I pray that they will not only see, but experience the beauty of this reality. It’s not hard to believe that God has a unique Son. In fact He has children, a family—and growing one at that.

What a joy! Being free is superbly wonderful in itself. But being adopted as God’s own children—that’s a totally different level of blessing. So we live truly free; we don’t allow ourselves to be foolishly entangled again to the cruel chains of death brought about by ruinous sin and paralyzing fear. That’s why we’re not dependent on any substance to drown our sorrows or boost our courage. We simply take hold of Dad’s hand and walk with Him. There we find courage, strength, and comfort. We bravely face anything and everything Dad allows in our path—joyfully too, knowing that Dad only allows them because they’re for our best.


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