Christmas Spirit

Luke 2:10   King James Version (KJV)   10 And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.

Christmas is my favorite season of the year. I don’t get tired of saying that. I don’t know why, but I just sense some kind of inexplicable feeling deep within my soul. Is it joy? It feels like it, but it’s deeper. Is it love? It definitely feels like it, but it’s deeper. It just feels luke-2-10-christmas-spiritso good. It may sound weird to some, but I often aim to celebrate it for three months—from September to the first week of January. This hugely has to do with where I grew up. We have a common practice: when a month ending in “er” starts, i.e., September, the Christmas season starts. We start hearing Christmas carols played in Department stores, radios, and our own homes. That’s probably the reason why we really sense the “Christmas spirit.”

Where I live now, it seems like Christmas spirit is so evasive. I literally have to exert extra effort just for me to have a fraction of what I used to enjoy. But with all my efforts, it’s still not the same. It’s okay though; we still make the best of it. Although I don’t have that Christmas atmosphere where I’m immersed into, I still have the joy of Christmas in me. I just have to deliberately think about it. When I do, I sense the Christmas spirit rise from within. And as I mentioned earlier, it just feels so good.

Why would I not feel thrilled about the birth of my Savior? Anyone who understands what this means probably have the same reaction. Others may point out that our joy comes from the Good News of salvation through the sacrificial death, burial, and victorious resurrection of our Lord. And that’s absolutely true. But the birth of our Savior is also Good Tidings of great joy. The Good News isn’t either-or; it’s both. They’re both part of one life, and one redeeming story of love. That’s why joy is an intrinsic part of the season. So yes, I have my steady and dancing warm white Christmas lights up, silver bells, the dramatically lit nativity display, the heart-pulling Christmas village, heart-tickling and touching Christmas songs, and more.

Merry Christmas! Oooohhh, I love it.

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