Slow or Patient?

2 Peter 3:9   (KJV)   9 The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

Our God so loves us; He desires all of us to spend eternity with Him in beauty, glory, splendor and majesty. More times than we know it, we’ve all turned away from Him and chosen our own ways and our own paths. We’ve walked away from Him, and divorced 2-peter-3-9-slow-or-patientourselves from Him. He can allow us to go on like this into our eternity, but no, He doesn’t want us eternally languishing in gloom, horror, and pain—separated and away from Him forever.

Even if He had to suffer; even if it causes a lot of criticism, He does what’s necessary so that He can save as many people as possible. If it’s all left to Him, none will be lost. But He’s such a loving God that He never forces His love to anyone. He leaves us with our choice, even if that choice is to reject Him. Even then, He keeps giving us time—time to come to our senses, to see clearly, to understand, and to humbly receive His precious gift of salvation.

Salvation is possible; anyone can receive it—any time; and we can have the assurance that we are saved—now. What a comforting reality. To know that we’re now safe and secure in God’s mighty hands, that our eternal destiny is sure—wow!!! Is there any peace greater; is there any truth more comforting? True, we suffer—some little, some gravely much. People question God’s existence because of this real human experience. If there really is God, why not stop all these sufferings? But praise God; He is real; He exists, and He will indeed stop all sufferings, all trials, all hardships. He’s just being very graciously patient. If He decides to stop all sufferings now, He will have to end all its sources—of which, we, and all our lost love ones are a huge part. It’s very encouraging though ironic: the very reason and beneficiary of God’s patience are the ones questioning His existence and character, but because He loves the lost so much as well, He patiently keeps on extending His invitation, time and chance for more to respond and return to His saving and loving arms.

Remember, patience and slowness may have similarities, but they’re not the same.

Thank You Lord for having such a tremendously wonderful heart.


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