A New Heart, A New Spirit


Ezekiel 38.31 - New Heart, New Spirit


Ezekiel 18:30-31   (KJV)   31 Cast away from you all your transgressions, whereby ye have transgressed; and make you a new heart and a new spirit: for why will ye die, O house of Israel?

God wants everyone to be saved. The last thing He wants is to hurt us, His much loved creation. Why hurt someone you love, unless doing so will ultimately be for their best? That’s the reason why He wants us to put away our sins. Contrary to what Satan or our flesh tells us, sin destroys us. Yes, it’s most often pleasurable, but the damage it creates is indescribably worse. Sin results to death. Do we really want this? Of course not, and God is so strongly opposed to it also.

When God tells us to get rid of something, it’s all for our good, for our best. We never think for a moment that He’s a bad Father, or worse, a sadistic one. He doesn’t delight in our pain. Our disobedience will cause exactly that – pain. Just because we don’t see the immediate result doesn’t mean we get away with it. God patiently gives us time and opportunities to humbly come to our senses and wisely take the next best step, that is, to repent.

We have to have a new heart, a new spirit. That’s the key to avoiding death. With it, we live. We can’t proudly go on doing what’s wrong, ungodly, and sinful, and expect God to just look away. It’s not love to just leave us walking the path of destruction without doing anything to ensure that we don’t end up ruining our lives. He runs quickly towards us to stop us before it’s too late. Isn’t that what He did when He left heaven and came down to where we are? He came to rescue us; otherwise, all of us would have kept walking the journey of destruction without any hope.

Life is beautiful; we love life. And praise God, we live and we will live forever—in bliss, beauty, and glory. For now, we get rid of all attitudes and acts of rebellion against God. That’s what real living is. What a wonderful life.


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