Of Prophecy and Blessings

Revelation 1.3 - Of Prophecy and BlessingRevelation 1:3   (KJV)   3 Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.

There’s something special about God’s revelation of His eyes and heart. It’s good knowing the truth, whether its truth about now or about the future, there’s such a refreshing blessing and satisfaction that comes with it. With the knowledge of course comes responsibility: to believe what He says and to live out what we believe. This is very important, and urgency always escalates as time gets shorter for us to accomplish our tasks.

God in His immeasurable generosity has repeatedly revealed His will and plans to us—not all of them, but those things we need to know. But God reveals what He knows will be good for us to know. He’s always done this. From the very beginning of time until now, God hasn’t stop revealing His will to us. He walked with the very first man and woman; He spoke directly to and through His people; He spoke to us through the incarnation of His Son; He speaks through us through the glory of His creation; He speaks to us through His Word, His Holy Spirit, His church, circumstances, and many other ways.

We enjoy being blessed with divine revelations; we don’t undermine the importance of truth; we don’t diminish the honor of being entrusted vessels, bearers, and vassals of His revelations. We are faithful to it. There are reasons why God reveals them to us. There’s something God expects of us, and we pour our hearts to making sure that we wisely take advantage of this privilege of knowing His mind. There’s so much going on; there’s so much ahead. We live in serious times, and the worst is still ahead. There’s a world that needs to hear about the hope we have. God prepares us. We’re not lackadaisical; we face our responsibilities; we’re ready.


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