A Proof of Love

John 14:31   (KJV)   31 But that the world may know that I love the Father; and as the Father gave me commandment, even so I do. Arise, let us go hence.

There is no greater motivation than love. And one of the greatest proofs of our love is our sincere obedience. Our precious Lord Jesus, God’s Son loved His Father and proved that by doing exactly what His Father commanded. We love God, and He loves us immeasurably and incomJohn 14.31 - A Proof of Loveparably more. Because He loves us, He guides us, instructs us, and commands us. Because we love Him, we willingly do what He says.

One of our greatest joys is being identified with Him. One of our greatest frustrations is when we misrepresent Him. He’s the most wonderful Being there is. He’s indescribably awesome. Others see Him through us. As we lovingly obey our heavenly Dad, His light shines brightly through; others see His wonders—at least a snippet of it, but enough to create wholesome curiosity that draws them to Him. And nothing compares to living in the very Essence of love Himself.

We possess incomparable and untouchable quietness in our spirits. We know that everything He does is best for us. His instructions and leading demonstrates His unending loving involvement in our affairs here on earth as we wait for His return. Right now, our glorious dwelling in heaven is being prepared, or already prepared, waiting. As we live—loved by Him and loving Him, more people know Him. So we go, and through our joyful, grateful, and faithful walk, people see God’s invitation to a life of love and freedom. And from North, South, West, and East, they come.


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