God Bless the Nations

Jeremiah 4:2   (KJV)   2 And thou shalt swear, The Lord liveth, in truth, in judgment, and in righteousness; and the nations shall bless themselves in him, and in him shall they glory.

This is our declaratiJeremiah 4.2 - God Bless the Nationson: God is God; God is good; He is real, and He exists. A cliché to some, but the message is immensely important. We don’t need a God Who lies. A lying God will lead us to utter confusion. We don’t need a God Who’s unfair. Better not have one than live in a world where God is the reason why the guilty is rewarded and the innocent is punished. Sure, corruption is found in the world’s justice system, but it’s the justice of God that gives us hope, confidence, and assurance that a time is coming when justice will rise from the prison of conspiracies, cover-ups, and false accusations. We don’t need an unrighteous God. How can our steps be established if we don’t know that the One we depend on won’t always do right?

We raise His banner; it’s the banner everyone can look to and find hope. Not everyone realizes that. If they do, most of them would come running to Him. God has given us so many proofs of Himself: His reality, His power, His love. It’s obvious: God’s plans, intents, and acts towards mankind are always for the best. For us, it makes sense that we not only gravitate towards Him; we passionately throw ourselves to His strong loving arms.

This is the truth sadly missed by so many; this is the truth we tell. It’s a pure truth, a good truth. We won’t convince all—as much as we want to—as much as God wants everyone to be saved.  Oh, if only people would open their hearts and welcome our loving Father; if only they would receive and experience His salvation and freedom. To this incomparably important end, we present and represent our Father. We too live truthfully, fairly, righteously. There is so much blessedness in this, blessedness offered to and sufficient for all nations, for the entire creation.


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