Judge Justly

John 7.24 - Judge JustlyJohn 7:24   (KJV)   24 Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.

This may come as a challenging surprise to many: judging isn’t evil; God doesn’t prohibit it. But there is a proper way and an improper way. One of the right ways of judging is to make sure it’s just. And we have greater “chances” of having a correct and fair judgment if we intentionally look deeper than the thin, shallow surface. Not everything is as plain as it appears. There is always something more than meets the eyes.

We have obvious inclinations. Both nature and nurture factor in. We understand why two people who are in the same place, with the same group of people react differently after hearing the exact same message from the same speaker. The reality is that there is something deeper in both of them–years deep. The particular place and time they were in at the moment isn’t the only deciding factor; they run back through all the experiences they’ve had throughout their lives.

It isn’t easy to see reality; people have secrets; many don’t feel comfortable being transparent. This doesn’t mean they’re hypocritical; there’s not always a need for all issues to be exposed. And even when there’s a need for truth to surface, not all are willing to get it out there, especially if truth doesn’t seem favorable for them at the moment. Praise God, the Holy Spirit reveals needed truths to His children. That’s why we earnestly pray for discernment; that’s why we’re thorough; that’s why we look deeper. That’s why we’re just, right, and fair. All glory to our ever just and all-knowing God.


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