Glorious Death

Isaiah 57:1   (KJV)   57 The righteous perisheth, and no man layeth it to heart: and merciful men are taken away, none considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come.

Everyone passesIsaiah 57.1 - Glorious Death away; even godly people do. Death is an appointment every living being has, except for believers who will be alive when the Lord Jesus comes back for His church. Often, believers pass away unnoticed by the world. In fact, Christians are treated spitefully. Understandable; the world hates their Dad and Master; they will hate the Master’s children. It’s okay; we believers live not for the world; we live for our Father. Our Father is immeasurably good to us, infinitely powerful, and infinitely wise. Even death, when he allows His children to go through it, is an act of His love; it does wonders for His kids.

Our God watches over us. He’s closer to us than we can explain. He cares for us more than the world can understand. We’re on His side; His on our side. We bravely face everything life brings, even death, because even there, God crosses us through. We’ve humbled ourselves before Him in life, He exalts us after life. Oh, the incomparable comfort and assurance we have in Him. He knows how much we failed Him; He knows how we still fail Him. But through our Lord Jesus, He forgave us; he forgives us still. Now we have peace—even through the valley of the shadow of what others fear to tread.

So yes, it’s a joy and honor to walk uprightly—righteously before and for our precious Lord. We love God and honor Him with our lives. We love others, honor them, and treat them well—the way we want others to treat us. The world, not knowing it, is so much better because of us—humbly. We are its light, we are its salt; we dispel it’s darkness; we preserve it from corruption. It’s a given, evil will continue to increase. Not everyone responds well; not everyone wants to change; there are those who don’t even want to be helped. We don’t have control over others; we do with ourselves. As for us: righteousness rocks. It’s the best way to live here, and in the light of eternity.


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