Wisdom in Danger

Proverbs 27:12   (KJV)   12 A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself; but the simple pass on, and are punished.

Evil, dangers—they’re real; they’ll come. It’s wise to hide when they do and when we can.

For some, it’s too late to know which ones are heroes and which ones are fools. Heroes face dangers head-on because they need to; fools face dangers when there is no need to.

Protecting oneself is just natural; there’s nothing wrong with that. Others will accuse us of cowardice; it’s okay, better live mislabeled than dead.

Hiding until danger passes may delay us, but it doesn’t necessarily stop us…Better late than dead.

Wisdom has consequences, foolishness has too. Wisdom reaps pleasant rewards; foolishness harvests destruction.

Dangers come from different places, from different directions. At times, they come from the outside; At times, they come from the inside.

We hide from dangers that come from the outside; we get rid of those that comes from within.

A change of course can be the best thing that can happen to us. If we’re treading a dangerous path, it’s best to get off that course. If not, we can get destroyed.

For some of us, I pray this will be a loving reminder: maybe, just maybe, it’s time for us to change. For God’s glory and honor, and for our best, there’s no time to wait; let’s do it.

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