Messengers of Good News

Isaiah 52.7 - Beautiful FeetIsaiah 52:7   (KJV)   How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!

Imagine finding ourselves in a very dire, life and death situation: an entire powerful army of seemingly barbaric killers approaching—ready to annihilate us, their horses galloping down the mountains—fast.  We stand, we wait, we’re ready, to fight, but more so, to die—we, and those we love so much…Tragic. Now imagine hearing the unstoppable hoard announcing: “Peace; we’re here to help…” Oh what joy, what indescribable relief. We’ll shake their hands enthusiastically in deep gratefulness, or even hug them. We’ll jump up and down in glee, or perhaps fall down in earnest prayer of thanksgiving, weeping. Good News has come. How beautiful are the feet of those who bear glad tidings.

Good News abound. We are honored to be its bearers. The world is quickly spiraling down in self-inflicted chaos and destruction—full of hate, condemnation and injustice; God is coming very soon, on His shoulders are love, mercy, and justice. Everything is failing, the world as we know it is decaying, our bodies weakening; our God promised a new heaven, a new earth; He heals, and we’re about to receive incorruptible bodies and immortality. There are those who scorn and insult us; there are groups of people who are not satisfied with a peaceful dialogue; they won’t settle for anything less than our complete subjection, or conversion, or extermination; they’re bent on terrorizing us…They won’t succeed; we have a God Who comforts and protects us even in the middle of greatest dangers…No matter how powerful these terrorists are; like the weeds of the field, they too will wither.

Earthquakes, famines, wars—they’re sure to come, but our God Who gives life sustains life. He created this earth; He created the food-bearing plants, He’s the Prince of Peace. We believers are seen as lunatics for believing in the Divine Who unbelieving humanity sees as someone as real as Santa Claus and fairies. God reveals Himself now so that those who would believe will believe and those who won’t, won’t. But He will ultimately reveal Himself in a manner that everyone will know His Name, His reality, His power, His people. Yes, we—our belief, trust, and complete dependence in Him will be fully vindicated. We’ve seen how He’s willing to go great lengths for His people, even to the point of being brutally tortured and murdered. We see: whatever He does, whatever He undergoes, whatever He allows—all these are for the good of His Kingdom, His people. That’s Good News—way more than. We are the messengers.



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