One True God

Isaiah 40:25 
  (KJV)   To whom then will ye liken me, or shall I be equal? saith the Holy One.

Isaiah 40.25 - One True GodNo one compares with God; no one is His equal. Whatever angle we look at, whatever category, whatever area, He is infinitely set apart. He’s the only true living God. Aside from Him, there is no other. He is Holy; He is High and lifted up; He’s also close to us, and He cares tremendously for us.

God is absolutely awesome. He never fades, never weakens, and never dies. He’s our creator and sustainer. What power! He keeps the universe in order; He manages this world; He takes great care of you and me. His Son came as a really great additional proof of all these. He is the exact representation of Who He is. Through His sinless life, sacrificial death, and victorious resurrection, we see God’s holiness, power, wisdom, and love very clearly.

We look at the sun, the moon, the stars; we see majesty. We look at the ocean, the mountains, the flowers; we see beauty. We look at the mother, the father, the baby; we see love. God is the ultimate expression of all these. His majesty far transcends the universe; His beauty far transcends all the flowers of the field; His love far transcends all our human love. The one true God is Holy; there is no evil or sin in Him. We understand why we have innate sense of good and evil. This is true to all of us. God is all-powerful; He is the Creator. We’re not at lost as to how everything existed out of nothing. God is all-wise; He is responsible for the order we see all around; we’re not worried about the planets colliding on each other. God is all-loving. He gave us His beloved Son; now we are saved; now, anyone can be saved.


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