Oh Yes; He’s Coming

James 5:8   (KJV)   8 Be ye also patient; stablish your hearts: for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh.

scaleThe LORD always comes through for us; He never fails; He won’t ever. We never doubt this. He has proven Himself over and over. Through all challenges, threats, attacks, maltreatments, and insults, we’re still here, still enjoying and loving life—huge proof of God’s faithfulness. His delays aren’t denials. What He says He’ll do, He’ll do, how He wants to do it, where He wants to do it, when He wants to do it. And they will always be perfect. They may not always be according to our expectations, but they will always astoundingly surpass our expectations.

How many times have we been threatened, at times by bold, vocal, influential, and powerful people? We don’t want enemies; we purpose to positively look at people through the loving eyes of our Father. We search for the image of God in each one; we look for the Jesus in each one. And as far as it depends on us, we pursue peace. But not everyone listens; there are those adamantly set on their views and plans. There are people who are blind; they don’t know it, thus, the blindness remains. Pride blinds; that’s why we’re open; we’re open to peaceful, reasonable dialogue. We’re children of the Truth; Jesus is the Truth; we love Jesus that’s why we seek and pursue truth. But pursuit of truth is worlds different from pursuit of convincing others of what we believe without ears to listen.

When people would rather harm us than have peace with us, we’re not troubled. God has given us peace, the very peace He Himself has. What peace can top that? We affirm; we do repeatedly: nothing beats life in the LORD. In plenty or in want, we possess love, joy, and peace—a continual pursuit of many, a reality to us. The affluent, not all of them, tend to proudly steer clear away from us. They figure they have more; they’re more successful. Why listen to us? Truth: we really have more. Without God and Christ, no matter how much they have, they live within limitations; we don’t. All these will be made clear to all—soon and very soon. Our precious Lord Jesus is coming. The great revelation of Jesus and of so many other Truths is at hand. Hallelujah, Jesus is coming for His bride—for us. We’re sure of this, as sure as sure can be.



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