City Lights

Psalms 71:7 KJV
I am as a wonder unto many; but thou art my strong refuge.

The psalmist was praying, uttering praises to God. He saw himself as someone, being a believer being observed by others.  He saw himself as a sign,  someone through whom others see something wonderful. He was aware that people, not just one but many, are able to see his life, and that they do indeed observe him. He wasn’t scared though because he placed his trust and confidence in God.  He saw God as someone He can find safety in, Someone Who can protect him, Someone Who’s strong and Whose strength is enough  to cover him and for him to have the assurance that he will do well even before observing eyes.

People are watching us. Whether they are people who love us or people who dont like us. Others watch us so we can be their example. Others watch us just so they can see us doing something wrong – so they can criticize us. By ourselves, we will fail. But we ought to always depend on God. God is able to change us, make us better people, good examples, and be a wonderful sight to people. We will still fail,  but not as much as we used to. Even our enemies will know that we’re  becoming increasingly better.

Dear God, praise You. You are able to keep us and our testimony better and cleaner.