Righteousness and Trust

Psalms 4:5 KJV
Offer the sacrifices of righteousness, and put your trust in the Lord .

Christlikeness is:  righteousness and trust.

There are two exhortations here. One has to do with offering and one has to do with trust. The offering here may be taken different ways. It may mean to offer righteous offerings. It may mean to offer righteousness. It may mean to offer with righteous hearts.  The trust part may be taken as the second exhortation or a reasonable consequential act when one has offered the sacrifices of righteousness.
There may be reasons why we won’t offer sacrifices of righteousness. We may feel like we may be losing something or that we’ll be missing out on some wonderful things in life. Taking for example one of the possible meanings related to offering, we may think that if we live righteously, then we’ll be missing out on the pleasures of sin. That’s true, but we’ll also be spared from its destructive consequences. And whatever they may be that we may think we’re missing out on, we can trust God that He’ll give us something worth way much better. In fact, He will always give us the best.

Fear God, please help me to live in righteousness and trust.

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