Value God’s Blessings

Genesis 25:34 KJV
Then Jacob gave Esau bread and pottage of lentiles; and he did eat and drink, and rose up, and went his way: thus Esau despised his birthright.

Christlikeness is: valuing God’s blessings

Esau, being Sovereignly blessed with the awesome rights of the firstborn very easily gave up his birthright – almost mindlessly – to his brother Jacob.  He traded it for food and drink – not a lifetime of supply or even a week supply but just that meager one time provision for his immediate need. This act most probably wasn’t a noble act of graciousness, charity,  or selflessness;  it was a demonstration of contempt for something so important.

God has graciously poured out His precious blessings on me; I’m one of the privileged recipients – and very grateful too.  I appreciate all His undeserved blessings. And this I always need to do. In fact, I ought to appreciate Him and His blessings more, and value Him and His blessings more. The air I breath,  the life I enjoy, the earth I live in,  the salvation I’ve received, the sunshine to brighten my days, the rain that water the earth, the wife I love, the kids I adore, the church I treasure, the health, the wealth, the peace, the joy – all these and so much more,  blessings seen and unseen,  blessings known and unknown – they’re innumerable. Just because I enjoy them,  just because I experience them day by day doesn’t mean they lose their value or importance. And when it comes to these things, I ought not to fall prey to the common adage and trend: “over-familiarity breeds contempt.” I ought to hold them dear and treat each of them humbly and thankfully well. May I never ever sacrifice them at the altar of something/s of so little value just to satisfy any immediate desire.

Dear God,  thank You for all Your wondrous gifts. May I treat them with utmost care and appreciation. And may I enjoy  them to the fullest, in Jesus’ Name,  amen.

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