Accept Each Other

Luke 9:50 KJV
And Jesus said unto him, Forbid him not: for he that is not against us is for us.

Christlikeness is: accepting each other despite our differences

Jesus didnt want His disciples to stop another person from casting out devils just because he wasn’t a part of their group. In what way that man wasn’t a part of their group isn’t specified. It may mean that he was getting ahead and was doing things on his own, or it could simply mean that he wasn’t a part of their traveling group. Whatever the concerned disciple meant,  Jesus’ response showed that the man was doing something right. Even his use of the Name of Jesus was in the right place – unlike the seven sons of Sceva we read in Acts 19.

Just because others aren’t part of our circle doesn’t necessarily mean they’re our enemies. We have to extend and broaden our reach to those who may not have exactly all the same beliefs like we do. There are a lot of other groups who love and worship the same God we love and worship; we may just have different ways of worshipping. They believe in the same Lord and Savior Jesus we believe in; we may just have little differences in the way we perceive Who He is. We believe that His words are the authority for doctrine and conduct; we may just have slight variations in our understandings and applications.

Dear God, please help us to not dismiss each other right away as enemies or heretics. Please help us to accept each other as family in you despite our petty differences – in Jesus Name, amen.

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